About Us

SACBC Japanese Language School's Motto

SACBC JLS believes that people are empowered by their understanding of other cultures and languages in this globalization age.  Our mission is to provide an opportunity for children from age 5 to 18 to:

  1. Study Japanese language for personal, academic and professional purposes.
  2. Foster and promote intercultural understanding, through learning and experiencing Japanese culture.

While there are several Japanese language schools in the Silicon Valley - Bay Area, most of them are focusing their educational efforts toward the children of expatriates with Japanese companies, or second generation Japanese whose native language is Japanese.  We have found, in Japanese communities around here, however, that the economic situation in Silicon Valley often forces both parents to work away from home; which results in difficulties for the second and third generation children in retaining not only the language but the cultural heritage of their parents and grand parents.  
We, at SACBC JLS, provide a U.S. based curriculum of Japanese Language education based on JLTP (The Japanese Language Proficiency Test guide line) which is an internationally accredited language examination administered by The Japan Foundation.  Our student body consists of Japanese descendants whose primary language is English, bilingual students who speak Japanese at home in greater or lesser degrees, and students from various backgrounds who simply want to learn Japanese language and culture to broaden their horizons, and enhance their personal growth.

We maintain close contact with the parents regarding attendance, schedules, other activities affecting the students, and their motivation to study and strive to the utmost of their ability to achieve their goals.